Wireless AC Dual Band Router

There is no current wireless networking standard that can compare, performance-wise, to Wireless-AC dual band router .Wireless-AC can transmit wireless at rates more than 6x the best Wireless-N devices, and 100x the best Wireless-G devices. In an age of streaming media and online gaming, Wireless-AC is not just a luxury: it is the networking standard you need and deserve. ACOM is an Official seller of Wireless-AC dual band router.ACOM.pk is most reliable name to buy online products, now you just have to order your product and you will your product the next day with ideal care. You can find the best tp link dual band router and Wireless-AC dual band router here at the best price.

Wireless-AC dual band router has wider bandwidth capabilities of 80 MHz (and an optional 160 MHz). By comparison, Wireless-N’s bandwidth was only 20 or 40 MHz Imagine the MHz as lanes on a highway: 20 MHz represents 2 lanes and 80 MHz represents 8 lanes. There are many lanes available, the larger the amount of data that can pass through simultaneously, thus allowing for maximum performance connection speed. Wireless-AC dual band router focuses its power by running on the 5 GHz frequency band. The 2.4 GHz band used by AC dual band route is cluttered with signal interference from cordless phone...

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