UBNT PTP Outdoor APS Price in Pakistan

An American company Ubiquiti started manufacturing wireless products in 2005. Ubiquiti designed many different wireless communication products for businesses ACOM is an Official seller of ubiquiti products .ACOM.pk is most reliable name to buy online products, now you just have to order your product and you will your product the next day with ideal care. Different type of Ubiquiti products is available on our web portal. These include UBNT Ceiling Mount APS. You can easily get UBNT Ceiling Mount APS online from our web portal. We offer our customers with the best UBNT Mount APS Price in Pakistan.

UBNT Ceiling Mount APS is a motion sensor having dual-technology. UBNT Ceiling Mount APS are capable of using both microwave motion sensors and passive infrared sensors for the sake of minimizing the likelihood of false detections. UBNT Ceiling Mount APS is having wall-mountable features. UBNT Ceiling Mount APS designed to serve the purpose of security, resource scheduling, occupancy detection and also many smart building applications. UBNT Ceiling Mount APS can be easily managed and monitored with the help of Controller software. UBNT Ceiling Mount APS has special controller software that allows its users to create rules that helps in triggering actions based on data from you...

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