SSD VS HDD: Which storage device is better?

SSD VS HDD: Which storage device is better?

Storage Technologies have evolved over time, from few megabytes floppy disks to terabytes of hard disk drives, overall storage media have become more reliable to match our computing needs.

Most people these days while buying a laptop have to make a choice between HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or SSD ( Solid State Drive ), yet many are unfamiliar with what storage device they should select, though knowing the details can improve their computing productivity. In this article, we are going to compare both of them so you could decide which storage device you should go for.

What is an SSD ( Solid State Drive)?
SSDs are storage devices that work on the same principle as our USB flash drives, data is stored in non-volatile memory i.e it retains data even without power, SSDs are just bigger in capacity and provide SATA interface that can be used as internal storage and allows operating system boot up. The absence of movable media as compared to hard drives makes SSDs faster to read and write, hence increasing an overall speed.
Solid state drives are available in the same form factor as the traditional laptop hard drives i.e 1.8’’, 2.5’’ and 3.5’’.

What is an HDD ( Hard Disk Drive)?
HDD is the mainstream storage device that most of desktop computer and laptops use. They store data in the form of magnetic disk or platters hence the name Hard disk drive. It consists of a head that reads and write data on the rotating platter and the speed of the platter decides the performance rate of the computer, laptop hard drives has come in two speeds 5400 revolutions per minute and 7200 rpm, though server grade hard drives can go up to 15,000 rpm!

What are Hybrid drives?

Hybrid drives are the combination of SSDs and HDDs. These types of drives provide flexibility to the consumer which gives them more control over the speed of the operations being performed on the computer.
Typically hybrid drives consumers use its SSD to install the operating system and HDD for media storage. Hybrid drives usually have 1TB of HDD and 128GB of SSD.


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