Guide to Buy a New Laptop

With the increase in demand of Laptops due to its convenience and efficiency, many people want to switch from bulky desktop computers to these mobile devices that can easily be carried in your backpacks. Due to massive growth of laptop as a strong, reliable, powerful yet very small computing machines, professionals and students both prefer to work on it.

Buying a new laptop can be a difficult task and many consumers especially the ones who are buying a laptop device for the very first time go through a disappointing experience because either the device they bought unable to perform according to their expectations, they end up buying a faulty device or they might have bought that device expensive.

So brings you a guide to purchasing a new laptop.
In this guide, we are going ask you questions that will help you determine which device, brand, specification you want to go with.

Let's get in

For What purpose do you need a computer?

The first and foremost question that you should ask yourself is for what purposes do you want a laptop for because then you will want to choose your laptop processing power accordingly.

We will list some common uses with the correct processors.

Office work, Browsing & Multimedia

Atom & Celeron

these two are the basic processors that can handle all your multimedia needs such as audio & video playback, internet browsing and basic office work. These are very affordable and lightweight laptops with a screen size from 11 to 13.3 inches which give a good value for the money.

Web designing, Graphics Designing & Video Editing

Intel Core i5 & i3 Processors

these processors are ideal for people who use software like Adobe Photoshop and After Effects to edit videos and picture for youtube and other social media. Generally, the consumer with such purposes tends to go to a bigger screen size so 15’’ display might suit you. These devices are suitable for students looking to begin learning editing softwares. Check out these Laptops, click the links for more information.

WEB Development, App Development and Graphics Designing

Core i7 Processors

laptops with these type of processors are for professional developers, who work with android and ios app building software which is generally hardware intensive, you can also play some games with the inbuilt configuration although gaming requires hardware specifically designed for gaming purposes.

What is Your Budget ?

How much are you really willing to spend on a laptop?

In the end it also depends on your budget, for that it's necessary for you to keep yourself updated with the prices, ( you can visit our site for the latest products and wholesale prices) this will allow you to know how much would a laptop will cost that will fulfill your need only then you will be able to choose the correct device from this sea of devices that these companies offer. There are many companies whom you can buy your laptop from. Check out our blog where we compare them.(HP vs Dell vs Lenovo) have all the latest devices from all the popular brands like HP  , Dell and Lenovo at their online store at best prices in Pakistan. Please visit our store for more products.

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