6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping Laptop Online

Online shopping in Pakistan have reached new heights in recent past and particularly the category of laptops and smartphones have taken a major bump with most of the consumers preferring to buy their electronics online. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the mistakes that buyers do while laptop online shopping.

  • 1. Going for the cheapest option. 


Everybody wants to save money but going for the cheapest one can hurt your purpose of buying a laptop. You don't go buy a laptop every month so it's better to invest smartly, Read our Laptop buying guide to know which laptop suits your needs best and choose the hardware & software combination for you. While buying online check the list of the must-have specification, and then see which laptop offers more features for its price.


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  • 2. Not taking long-term usability and compatibility in the account.


As we mentioned earlier, it's not something we buy very often, choose a laptop that could serve you for at least a year. Research and stay updated about the latest hardware i.e ram technology, hard drives, solid-state drives, USB types etc and its compatibility with your previous or upcoming devices, go for the option that not only serves your current devices but will also be usable with new technologies. Acom.pk provides online chat service where you can consult with experienced professionals on which laptop is good for you.


  • 3. Not considering the form factor.


Many features depend on the size of the laptop. Bigger display, size of the keyboard, trackpad size, DVD-ROM, and some extra ports, not considering this can be a big mistake.


  • 4. Not being flexible with brand and Specifications.

People get stuck to one brand or specifications, that stops them from exploring different brands, which could hurt because maybe other brands are offering better specs at lower prices.


  • 5. Buying without research.


If you like any laptop online make sure you research about it online or consult someone with experience and discuss the aspect of repairing and spare parts of that brand. Sometimes people buy brands or laptop models that was discontinued very soon, with very little spare parts supply in the market.


  • 6. Buying from a fraudulent website.


Due to the anomalous growth of online shopping, many fraudulent websites have made use of it as well, so don't buy without a background check on an online store, also websites with a physical store is highly recommended. Acom.pk is a reputed Laptop and Computer equipment distributors based in Hafeez center Lahore.


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